About Us

Dahu Ltd was founded as a limited company in 2011 by a group of founding directors with a long history in software development and industry leading expertise in Enterprise Search

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Who We are

Dahu was forged in rural Wiltshire in 2011 by a founders with a long history in software development and extensive expertise in Enterprise Search. The two founders, Chris Bartlett and Dr Vince McNamara, previously worked with leading search companies including D.E.C, Verity, FAST, Autonomy and Exalead in a variety of roles including Senior Technical Consultant, Director of Pre-Sales and VP of Technology.

Knowing Enterprise Search to be hard, they wanted to make finding easy for their clients. Dahu continues to explore advances in technology and to identify opportunities to empower our clients and partners to improve their big data solutions, analytics workbenches and bespoke search applications.

Our customers include charities, academic institutions, public authorities and leading international finance and manufacturing organisations. Our Dahu Surface interface allows customers to quickly deploy a best-in-class enterprise search solution without having to build an interface from scratch. ​We have a "can do" attitude, enjoy a challenge, and think the journey can be as important as the destination.

Our company is named after a mythical alpine mountain goat. Please get in touch to find out more about Search Interfaces, data discovery, analytics (or mountain goats…)