Dahu has been delivering solutions and products to our clients for over a decade. Here are some of our search stories from the real world.

"DAHU, whose level of expertise with the search platform and management of the complexities inherent with incorporating this new technology in our existing IT, exceeded our expectations. The project was delivered on-time and on-budget.”"

Senior Product Manager – Search Experiences
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The Cabinet Office engaged Dahu to guide them through planning the migration of a long-standing and important search tool used to collaborate on the formation of new bills and acts of parliament. 

Following the engagement, Dahu was asked to implement our Dahu Surface user interface solution as a replacement, with content consumed from the AODocs content-management as a service solution which required a custom content connector.
The solution is deployed in the cloud.

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Jaguar Land Rover makes heavy use of the Product Lifecycle Management tools from Dassault Systemes, and one key component is the use of the Exalead product to provide analytics dashboards. Search technology is not necessarily the first toolset you think of when thinking about dashboarding and analytics, however, there are a number of key advantages that make it an ideal choice. 

Firstly, search solutions typically have a wide range of connectors allowing content to be gathered from many disparate sources. Secondly, Search indices tend to be schema-less so it is simple to ingest and map data.
Thirdly, they are very fast at gathering extreme amounts of results, and lastly, the use of facets for navigation allows lightning-fast dicing and slicing of the data.

With Exalead's Mashup Builder, its a simple job to build rich, engaging dashboards that quickly drill to the heart of the matter, presenting rich data, metrics and KPIs. Dahu led the team at JLR producing over one hundred dashboards covering all areas of the manufacturing process.

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The  British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) is a UK-based international public-service broadcaster, and both the oldest and largest broadcaster in the world.

The BBC replaced their legacy search products underlying the IPlayer and website with Exalead CloudView. As well as architecting a new search platform for all customer-facing applications, we devised a migration strategy that catered for minumum deployment times wth no loss of current capability.

We designed and developed a new server product that translates search API requests from one search tool to another. ​This removed the coupling between the search engine and the front end interface while enabling the BBC to quickly benefit from the lower ownership costs of Exalead CloudView. Our migration platform does this by analysing the features that are actually used so that we don't need to map every possible capability of the original service to the new - just the ones that are needed.

The migration strategy was so successful that we were able to implement a new BBC-wide API for search. 

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PwC is one of the largest global professional services, providing services in auditing, assurance, tax planning, compliance, and business strategy consulting, to major clients all over the world.

Dahu helped PwC in both the UK and North America to migrate from a legacy search platform, Verity, to Exalead CloudView. In both regions, the search platform forms a critical component of many essential internal business applications, used on a daily basis by partners, consultants, and knowledge workers.

Working closely with the client and their internationally outsourced technology partner, Dahu took on the lead role in the migration projects. We worked with the internal business teams to develop processes for continuous improvement and monitoring of the effectiveness of the search applications. Together, we helped to design the next generation of business-critical search-driven information portals, equipping PwC colleagues with reliable, secure access to the right information, at the right time, on demand, on any device.

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The RHS is a UK charity established to share the best in gardening. Its work is driven by a simple love of plants and the belief that gardeners make the world a better place.

Dahu has worked with the RHS on a project to replace the existing search solution in co-ordination with  a major upgrade to the RHS web site.

 The solution includes the new Plant-Finder on the website that allows gardeners to find just the right plant from a choice of  many thousands by specifying their own garden characteristics. Once found, the plants can be purchased from the RHS or other nurseries.

With a fresh look to the UI and improved access to the RHS's extensive and invaluable plant data this site is the acknowledged benchmark for gardening information and advice, and the deserved winner of the Garden Media Guild Website of the Year Award.

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Founded in Melbourne, Australia in 1997, SEEK has evolved from being a domestic online employment classifieds business, to the largest global online marketplace operating in Australia, New Zealand, China, Brazil, Mexico, West Africa, Nigeria, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Philippines, Singapore and Thailand.

SEEK has revolutionised the way people search for jobs and find candidates. Today SEEK is the leading employment site in Australia displaying approximately 70% of all online job ads and receives 30 million monthly visits.  

Dahu worked closely with SEEK on site in Melbourne providing search expertise during a year long project to migrate the Search Service from FAST ESP to Exalead Cloudview.

On the successful completion of the project, Duncan Norman, Senior Manager at Seek reported "Dassault Systèmes is a perfect partner for us. Moreover, we benefit from the assistance of its local office, located here in Melbourne only a short distance away. And its partner DAHU, whose level of expertise with the search platform and management of the complexities inherent with incorporating this new technology in our existing IT, exceeded our expectations. The project was delivered on-time and on-budget.” 

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QBE Insurance Group Limited is Australia's largest global insurer. It provides insurance services to Australia, America, Europe and the Asia Pacific region. 

QBE has 14226 employees in 37 countries worldwide. As of Aug 2012, QBE was ranked among the world's top general insurers, with a market capitalisation of A$ 17.81 billion.

Dahu designed a solution to allow fraud detection analytics to be run over all the daily claims documentation received. We also index all the content as we process it and make it available for search by the claims agents, ensuring that they can manage their customers' insurance claims in a timely and efficient manner. 

Learn More, a leading motoring portal in the UK asked Dahu to assist with a revamp of its vehicle registration sales site. Vehicle registrations (number plates) can be bought and traded in the UK and often are sold at high values depending on how closely they match people's names, hobbies, jobs or other criteria.

Dahu worked with to devise a new search algorithm to fully encompass these specialised rules and maximise search results leading to increased sales. 

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