Dahu consultants have in-depth knowledge of many different search technologies, having previously worked for companies including Microsoft, Fast, Autonomy, Verity, and Exalead, and in roles ranging from technical support to VP of Technology.

We work with organisations of all sizes and types. Our experience includes Finance, Manufacturing, Local and National Government, Security, Education, Research and Professional Organisations. We are currently working with one of the "big-four" professional services companies, a global broadcast media organisation, large manufacturing companies, as well as government departments, universities, academic and professional societies, and charities.

Our consultants combine direct, first-hand experience of the internal workings of major search engine platforms with a proven history of successful technical innovation. Building on our unique industry-wide experience, we can provide independent advice and assistance wherever you are in the procurement or project lifecycle. Before initiating a new search or analytics project, we can help to devise or fine-tune your enterprise search strategy, to maximise the probability of a successful project, one that leads to measurable improvements in relevant search-related metrics.  If needed, we can even help you to build a compelling business case.

We can drive the procurement process for you. With extensive experience from both sides of the fence, we can help at every step of the way, from requirement analysis, vendor selection, RFI and RFP generation, through to technical evaluation and management of a "proof of concept" exercise. We ensure you make the right product choice, and you get the best possible technical and commercial fit for your business.

Our implementation projects deliver value.   We work closely with business as well as technical stakeholders to understand the core project goals, which helps us to define relevant, contextual, success criteria. We start from the business case, not from a templated "one-size-fits all" approach. Next, we design the solution and support the implementation team as needed, ensuring "best-practice" ideas and processes are built-in at every stage. Where there is a need for customisation, our consultants develop bespoke solution components, frameworks and plugins. All Dahu components are warranted for life.


Dahu Services

We offer services including :

Developing a corporate strategy for knowledge management, search and analytics

Managing a vendor selection process, including designing and running technical Proof of Concepts

  • High level search project management, defining architecture design, infrastructure, service layers, user interfaces

  • Complete solution delivery

  • Managed search services

  • Standard and bespoke search service analytics, feeding back to improve relevance, maximise user satisfaction

  • Search "health-checks", with instant relevance-tuning and recommendations for sort-term and ongoing improvements

  • Bespoke development of components for content processing, indexing pipeline stages, data analytics, user interface components

  • Search and analytics user interface development, especially analytics dashboards

  • Training for search administrators and developers

  • Brain-storming for business owners, to understand the "art-of-the-possible" and how the latest leading-edge industry developments can be applied in real-world business situations

  • Developing a corporate strategy for knowledge management and search

The Dahu difference

We are innovators. We understand what works and what doesn't. We are not afraid to write code when it helps, but equally, we will tell you when new technology is not going to solve your problems.

In the real world, your business information assets are spread over many systems in a variety of data repositories, managed content, document and records systems, relational and NoSQL databases, in varying states of quality, reliability, governance, value and freshness. There may be issues of ownership and maintenance, competing needs of performance and data granularity, changes in policy regarding centralised versus departmental control, a need for timely access to critical, reliable, information that can be acted upon. You have users asking for intelligent applications, where the interface guides them to find answers to their questions, connects them with colleagues, links them directly to the appropriate applications and sites that solve their needs. At the same time, you are asked to deliver agility, flexibility, speed-to-market, improved quality - to affect real, rapid change in the way you use your information assets to do business.

Our core strength is in the invention of novel and imaginative solutions, to leverage existing investments in technologies, addressing old problems in new ways. We know how to exploit the many advantages of search platforms over legacy database systems, maximising advantages in flexibility, scalability, and end-user experience.

In our time, we've helped push The Backstreet Boys to the top of the charts. We've mashed-up household electricity consumption microdata with national energy distribution data to find fraud and save money. We've helped friends answer friends's questions. We've found the perfect rhododendron to grow in a shady corner of a west-facing garden.

We help our clients get more from their investment in search technology.

Search. Only better.